University of Oregon looks to launch its own health insurance plan

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University could provide a health care plan for its students

The University of Oregon may be looking to build its own health insurance plan for its students. Oregon does have a health insurance exchange in place, where individuals and groups can find coverage at reasonable rates, but the university believes that it can better serve its students by providing them with their own plan. Some students may be able to enjoy the insurance coverage of their families, but others go without coverage because of its cost and the cost of medical care.

UOCare may be a less expensive option for those that want specialized coverage

New and returning students would be enrolled in the insurance plan automatically. The plan, currently being called UOCare, may be launched in the fall of this year. According to university officials, UOCare may cost less for students than other plans that provide coverage for sports and group therapy and eating disorders. Plans with this sort of coverage tend to have higher premiums, which can place students with limited financial means under greater stress.

Board of Trustees must approval the plan before it can be made available to students

UOCare may be a beneficial endeavor, but establishing the plan is not yet certain. The University of Oregon’s Board of Trustees must first approve the plan before the school can make it available to students. The board is expected to meet again in June and determine whether or not the plan can be approved. If approval is not granted, UOCare will not be available to new and returning students in fall.

Health insurance exchange may be a good alternative to UOCare

teen student college health insuranceThose that are not interested in the university’s health care plan can find coverage through the private market and through the state’s insurance exchange. While coverage in the private market may be quite expensive, low-income individuals can find affordable coverage through the exchange due to the availability of subsidies. These subsidies can reduce the cost of health insurance policies by a considerable amount, but the cost of medical care remains a concern for those that need it.

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