United States Supreme Court to decide the fate of the healthcare overhaul

Health Care ReformThe future of the Obama Administration’s health care reform is now in the hands of the United States Supreme Court, which is deciding whether or not the entire law will be able to stand with its central mandate for insurance.

The three days of arguments were completed on last Wednesday, after which the nine justices heard additional arguments regarding whether or not the remainder of the healthcare overhaul would be able to survive without its heart, which is the required health insurance. That element of the law requires all Americans to purchase health coverage by January 1, 2014.

The 5-member conservative majority of the court faced the Obama administration with questioning riddled with skepticism last Tuesday, regarding that requirement to purchase insurance. However, it was not made clear whether or not that part of the healthcare law would be stricken down, or whether it would be allowed to continue standing.

It looked as though the ruling would come down to Justice Anthony Kennedy and Chief Justice John Roberts, regarding whether or not Americans would have to purchase health insurance or be faced with a penalty. Both of those justices are conservatives and had inundated the lawyer representing the administration with questions.

Should only one of the five appointed conservative Republicans decide in the same way as the four appointed liberal Democratic justices on the court, then the healthcare law will be upheld. However, should those five Republicans unify, then it will topple the law. It is predicted that the ruling will have been made by the end of June.

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