Unemployment insurance gets and overhaul in New Mexico

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Unemployment InsuranceUnemployment insurance system of New Mexico to receive an upgrade

New Mexico is set to launch a new Unemployment Insurance Tax & Claims system that could help improve the efficiency and integrity of the state’s unemployment insurance program. The system will be launched by the Department of Workforce Solutions, and will help the agency prevent, detect, and recover from illegitimate unemployment insurance payouts that may have been issued due to fraud. The system has won the approval of Governor Susana Martinez, who is eager to welcome the system to the state.

Current system will be taken offline for upgrades

The state’s current unemployment insurance program will require some improvements in order to accommodate the new system. As such, the Department of Workforce Solutions notes that the current system will be taken offline from January 1 to January 6, 2013. Those with claims are being encouraged to file before the end of December 31, 2012. Claims filed before the deadline will be processed as usual, despite the downtime of the unemployment insurance system.

New system is expected to be a benefit to consumers and the state

Governor Martinez notes that the new unemployment insurance system will help provide better service to New Mexico residents that have been having trouble finding work. Many of these people currently rely on the benefits they receive through the state program, and New Mexico officials are keen to continue providing these people with the benefits they need for the time being. Governor Martinez notes that the state has made significant economic recovery over the past two years, and the new unemployment insurance system may help the state take advantage of that momentum.

Claims to resume as normal after new system is in place

State officials note that while the unemployment insurance system being updated, residents will not be able to check the status of their claims or file new claims until the system is back online. These people will not lose any benefits to which they are entitled, but these benefits may be delayed by as much as a week. After the system comes back online, claims and benefits services will continue as normal.

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