Unemployment insurance claims increase in Louisiana

unemployment insurance

The state’s weekly filings for first time claimants are now on the rise.

unemployment insuranceAccording to a recent report on the figures regarding the first time claims for unemployment insurance in Louisiana, during the week that ended on June 7, the state experienced a weekly filing increase that was quite significant.

Though the previous week’s total had been 2,976, the most recent figures rose to 3,292.

That is a massive increase to experience from one week to the next, but the state labor department expressed that those unemployment insurance figures were not far off where they had been during the same week in 2013. In fact, that total appears to have dropped over the year, from having been 3,755, at that time. While the data from one week to the next can be useful, it does not reflect longer term trends and can sometimes suggest that the movements that are occurring are more or less dramatic than they really are.

The four week unemployment insurance average showed a much less volatile claims filing trend.

In Louisiana, the four week moving average showed that the increase had been from 2,628, to become 2,899. While there is still a measurable increase in those figures, it is clear that this rise is far less striking than the one that was presented from the figures from one week to the next.

The continued claims – that is, those that were made by individuals who were maintaining their filing instead of making it for the first time – during the week that ended on June 7 rose from having been 19,576 to become 20,745. Again, that looks like a quite significant rise, but the four week moving average showed a milder version of this trend.

In that average, the continued unemployment insurance claims in Louisiana rose from having been 18,985, to become 19,447. This makes it clear that both the first time and the continued filings are on the increase, but at the same time, they are not spiking as shockingly as it would appear when comparing the figures from the most recent week of data to those from the week before.

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