Unemployment insurance claims for first timers on the rise in Louisiana

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The state has now started to see an increase in the number of people claiming when they hadn’t the week before.

unemployment insuranceThe official report from the Louisiana Workforce Commission has shown that the number of first time claims for unemployment insurance in the state for the week that ended on May 17 showed an increase over the number that had been recorded during the week before.

In one week, the number of first time claims rose from 2,209 to become a notably higher 2,343.

That said, while these unemployment insurance claims figures may not look promising, when looking at the equivalent week in 2013, there had been 2,738, showing a considerable improvement. The report also showed data for the four week moving average. This measurement of claims is a far less volatile one. What it showed was that the weekly average had risen from having been 2,168 to become 2,266.

Further data showed that continued unemployment insurance claims were actually falling.

While the first time claims appear to be on the rise, the continued claims appear to be decreasing, at least during the week that ended on May 17. What the figures showed was that those filings had fallen from 18,897 to 18,517. While this may not be a staggering difference, it is a meaningful one considering that the data represents changes over the span of one week. The four week moving average for that form of claim also reflected a drop, from having been 19,935 to become 18,815.

There was also additional information released regarding the actual occupational groups of the claimants in both categories. Though this was not published within the report, itself, it was made available on the employment homepage for the state (laworks.net) under the “Labor Market Information” category.

This UI Weekly Claims Data provides considerable insight into the unemployment insurance claims situation within the state. This type of monitoring is often considered to be invaluable to understanding trends and movements in the industry as well as in better understanding who is becoming employed, in what type of job, and how long people are continuing to collect benefits.

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