Trucking Proud Insurance Agency launches through CTA partnership

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The business is a partnership among the California Trucking Association, Gamie and C3 Risk and Insurance.

The California Trucking Association (C.T.A.) has launched the Trucking Proud Insurance Agency (T.P.I.A.) through a partnership with C3 Risk and Insurance, and Gamie, LLC.

The purpose of the new to offer a spectrum of coverage products to U.S. trucking companies.

The Trucking Proud Insurance Agency offers a range of different coverage products. Trucking companies from across the country can use the agency to shop for everything from auto liability to workers compensation and employee benefits coverage.

The products the T.P.I.A. will offer will be available to C.T.A. members, but non-members can also buy them. Both members and non-members will also be able to access the additional support services the agency will provide. It will be using technology services such as smartphone truck inspection apps, a digital client interface, and even a video production team. This makes it possible for trucking companies to eliminate their reliance on PDF apps and printed documents on paper.

The Trucking Proud Insurance Agency will give companies choices from a large number of policies.

The new insurance agency will provide a broad number of different types of policy. These include:

• Employee benefits
• Bonds
• Crime
• Motor truck cargo
• Excess umbrella
• Truck liability
• Physical damage
• Occupational accident
• Workers compensation and even
• Pollution.

These different insurance policy types include:

• Captive programs
• Traditional guaranteed cost
• Large deductable and
• Self-insured.

When truck carriers opt to cover themselves through the T.P.I.A., they simultaneously support the California Trucking Association. This helps to ensure the C.T.A. can continue to provide services and leadership for trucking businesses.

The Trucking Proud Insurance Agency is a for-profit organization, though it does serve the C.T.A. The idea is to provide the C.T.A. with a solid and ongoing source of revenue. Over time, it is meant to create a substantial reinvestment opportunity into core trucking carrier advocacy issues such as C.A.R.B., P.A.G.A., piece rate, Dinamex, Trucking Proud Insurance Agency - Image of Truckworkforce development, and even truck parking, among other issues that affect this industry and the carriers within it.

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