Travel insurance policies may become necessary under new US government policies

travel insurance claims policies

People planning to take a vacation or business trip in the United States may need additional coverage.

With the changing restrictions for travelers, travel insurance policies that allow policyholders to “cancel for any reason” may become much more important. While these more expensive forms of standard travel insurance have always protected people against losses from having to make last minute changes – or cancellations – to their travel plans, travelers may now need it in case they are turned away from the United States.

The standard insurance policy for travelers doesn’t include protection against Trump’s changes.

The typical travel insurance policies will provide people with certain specific forms of protection. For example, some will provide added health insurance benefits for those who become ill or experience an injury while away. Many will cover cancellations for specific reasons such as a death in the family, a serious illness or a natural disaster. That said, those policies won’t provide coverage for certain other conditions, such as changes in federal law.

That said, travel insurance policies may need to cover American citizens under new changes, too.

travel insurance policiesTravel insurance sites and agents have been receiving a growing number of inquiries as a result of the uncertainty travelers are feeling. Many people feel hesitant to book trips into the country as they are afraid to be turned away at the border. That said, many Americans are also starting to feel unsure about whether or not they should book their trips and whether or not their investments in their vacations are safe.

For instance, while it had become quite common to travel to Cuba following the changes made under the Obama administration that lifted the bans, now travelers aren’t sure if they’ll be able to go even if they book their trips. There was a 148 percent increase in travel by Americans to Cuba following the lift of the bans. But vacationers are now afraid to pay thousands of dollars on at trip that might not happen if Trump puts the bans back into place.

For this reason, travelers who are not shying away from that destination altogether are looking into upgrading their travel insurance policies. They are choosing the pricier option that allows for cancellation for virtually any reason, so that they’ll know they will get their money back regardless of the political situation.

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