Travel insurance makes a difference in the cost of a medical emergency

Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceTravel insurance can help to decrease the expense associated with medical emergencies away from home.

Though travel insurance is overlooked by many people when they are planning a vacation, the fact is that it can make a significant difference in the costs associated with a medical emergency that occurs while you’re away from home – particularly when traveling out of the country.

Though it may not be fun to think about what could happen if you need urgent medical attention in another country’s hospital or if you need emergency air evacuation from your vacation destination, it is still wise to consider those potential unpleasant circumstances. It will give you the opportunity to properly prepare for them and to make sure that you will be financially capable of handling them

In this light, travel insurance is well worth your consideration.

For a relatively low, one-time cost, this form of coverage will provide you with a broad spectrum of different types of coverage ranging from having to cancel the trip to the expenses that are connected with dealing with an injury or illness that occurs while you are away. They also cover additional expenses such as the nonrefundable prepaid costs from cruise lines, hotels, and airlines, as well as other types of travel vendor that will not provide a refund should a cancellation be made.

Travel insurance will also often provide emergency medical evacuation coverage in the case that a serious injury or illness occurs while traveling. This includes a toll-free hotline that will connect the policyholder with English-speaking doctors and facilities that will be able to provide the necessary medical assistance.

This type of coverage is usually available either at a single cost per trip, or to provide ongoing coverage while traveling at a flat annual rate. The cost of coverage is usually around 5 to 7 percent of the total cost of the trip.

There are a wide variety of travel insurance policies from which to choose, depending on your needs.

There are forms of travel insurance coverage that can cover everything from cancellations to emergencies, as well as very basic policies that offer strictly medical care and evacuation in emergency situations.


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