Travel insurance giant Allianz Global Assistance USA releases summer vacation data

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Its Index has indicated that Americans are more likely to take time off this year and head away from home.

Allianz Global Assistance USA has just announced its Allianz Travel Insurance Summer Vacation Confidence Index, which is the third annual report of this nature.

This year’s findings show that Americans will be taking more vacations.

The same report also indicated that social media continues to remain an important factor in inspiring people to travel and assisting in the decisions that they make when, where, and how they will be vacationing. It identified significant differences in the way that airport travel is handled by different age groups.

Along with the rebounding numbers in vacations, the travel insurance industry is also recuperating.

This year, the Index has predicted that 57 percent of Americans are likely to go somewhere on vacation. This is an increase of 3 percent over the statistics from last year. The report also indicated that the vacation deficit in the United States has fallen to 18 percent, after having been 24 percent last year, and 28 percent two years ago. This deficit is a measurement of the number of people who believe that traveling on vacation in the summertime is important, but whose confidence is not high enough to actually take one that year.

Fifty two percent of individuals whose confidence is high enough to send them on vacation this year have also reported that they have or will be using social media to inspire them. Among the various social networking sites, Facebook is at the top, as 29 percent will use it. Similarly, though, 14 percent will use TripAdvisor, 6 percent will use Twitter, and 4 percent will use Pinterest.

The report showed that it is older travelers that work to cope with hiccups in their vacation plans by taking action to work around them. These could include such activities as calling their travel agents or lining up to rebook (28 percent), contacting family and friends (24 percent), sleeping through the wasted time (19 percent) or reading a magazine (9 percent). This is the group most likely to take advantage of travel insurance.

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