Toyota still in the hot seat

Toyota Still in The Hot SeatThe end of the Toyota drama has long been an issue that many people have been looking forward to. The Obama administration will soon release a preview of the motor corporation’s electronic throttles concerning accidental acceleration complaints.  In its premature investigation stage, the Transportation Department stated that it did not find any general flaws in Toyota’s or Lexus’ software driven system during the event of 2 huge recalls last 2009 and 2010. chief executive Jeremy Anwyl said that if the department found something, he believes that it is impossible to contain. He also noted that investigations were comprehensively executed and serious problems concerning safety could have been revealed. Nonetheless, experts stated that regulators could highlight on pushing safety upgrades that can affect automakers in general. 

Investigators of auto safety have long been battling with accidental acceleration for years and Toyota has long been blaming these conditions to be driver errors.  The Federal safety regulation has been examining reports concerning eighty nine car crash deaths since 2000 which can most likely be linked to accidental acceleration in Lexus and Toyota automobiles.

Spokesperson for Toyota, Brian Lyons said that the auto company does not have fresh finds and agrees that their throttle systems which are software driven are sound on the street. Sadly, such statement could not lessen allegations and the company is facing a number of related lawsuits in state and federal courts estimating up to ten billion dollars in probable civil liabilities.

Last spring, Congress ordered the NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to evaluate complaints of unintentional acceleration including Lexus and Toyota vehicles which ten years ago, started using electronic throttles.

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