Top Valentine’s Day gifts for insurance agents, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople

purse mobile charger insurance agents

When seeking something other than flowers and chocolates, some of the top gifts include great tech.

The traditional Valentine’s Day gift may include a bouquet of overpriced roses or box of chocolates purchased at the last minute on the way home from work, but a more personal touch for businesspeople such as insurance agents and other entrepreneurs can show that special someone that some thought went into the gift.

That helps to explain why tech gifts have started to become very popular on this most romantic day of the year.

purse mobile charger insurance agentsThe tech gifts being given on Valentine’s Day, this year, are a top seller when the recipient is in the business community, such as insurance agents, company owners, C-level management, and others who rely on their smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets to get through the day. In fact, they have also moved their way to the top of the list for gifts given to college students.

The following are some of the leading tech gifts being purchased for insurance agents and businesspeople in 2015.

Unlike the last big gift-giving holidays, big-ticket items aren’t typically the top sellers on Valentine’s Day. Instead, these items under $50 are going to be the most commonly given presents because of their combination of romance and practicality:

tech gift ideasSmartphone cases, covers, and skins – For the businessperson who never goes anywhere without a smartphone, a sleek, cute, or romantic case can help to keep the device safe while reminding the recipient of how much he or she is loved.
Waterproof speakers – connected by Bluetooth, waterproof, wireless speakers are a great gift for listening to music to wake yourself up in the shower every morning, or to add that romantic melody to a rose scented bubble bath that is meant to be shared.
Mogix power bank – a mobile charger with dual ports can ensure that smartphones and tablets are always charged so that the recipient will never miss a call or a message from that special someone – even when he or she is always on the go.

All of these gifts are perfect, practical, and yet romantic for the insurance agent or business owner, and all at an affordable price.

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