7 Tips for Motivating Your Small Business Team

Managing a small team can often be very rewarding, especially if your team is in the business of drywall estimating services. You don’t have as many people to lead as you would with a large team of staff, so you have more of an opportunity to get to know people on an individual level. You still need to put the effort into motivating them, though. Otherwise, even small teams can become less than productive. If you’re a business owner with a small team, here are seven tips for motivating them. 

1: Offer Rewards 

While a salary is what most people work hard for, you should also offer extra benefits, especially when your staff works hard. Rewards can come in many forms – it’s all about understanding what your employees want. Bonuses work well, but you could also make it a little more interesting by offering JCPenney coupons or a fully paid lunch. Offering these types of rewards will influence your team to keep working hard.  

Motivation Tips

2: Focus on the Environment 

It’s your job to provide an environment that promotes productivity. Otherwise, how can you blame your staff for not being motivated? Focus on attractive lighting, plenty of space, good use of colors, and comfortable furniture. By doing so, your team will find coming to work much more pleasant and will work harder as a result. 

3: Set Clear Goals 

It’s not easy to be motivated without clear goals. Your staff may know generally what they need to do, but if their tasks are all over the place, they’ll struggle to be as productive as possible. For this reason, set clear goals at the beginning of each day, week, and month. It’ll provide a focus that inspires motivation. 

4: Listen to Ideas

Your staff needs to know they are useful and respected in the work environment. If you run a small team, ensuring they feel this way is much easier. Make sure you listen to their ideas to help with this. Not only will they feel appreciated, but you might end up with an idea that can boost the business. 

5: Offer Praise

If your team works hard day in and day out without receiving praise, they might start to slack. To ensure that doesn’t happen, show your appreciation by providing words of praise. By noticing great efforts, they are likely to keep on happening. 

6: Offer Training Opportunities 

To motivate your small team, give them something to be driven by – training opportunities. You want to create a team that is educated, talented, and knowledgeable in the business, and many training courses will help with this. It’s a win-win, as you’ll end up with better talent as well as an overall boost in motivation. 

7: Rely on Their Skills

If you show your team that you think they are capable of more, they will likely show you that you are right. Don’t just throw a bunch of tasks in one direction, though – it’s essential to understand where each employee thrives, as you’ll be able to put their skills to good use this way. People work better when they can use their own talents. 


With these seven tips, you will motivate your small team, ensuring the workday is as productive as possible.

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