Thousands may lose their health insurance later this year

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Inconsistent and missing information may lead to a loss of insurance coverage for thousands of people

The Obama administration has announced that several thousand people could lose their health insurance coverage due to inconsistent or missing information. This effects only the policies sold through state-based insurance exchanges. These exchanges have served as a marketplace for those looking for affordable insurance coverage. While some exchanges were unable to effectively meet the needs of consumers, many others were able to provide coverage to thousands of people that had no insurance protection before.

310,000 people could lose their coverage in September

Some 310,000 people throughout the country may lose their insurance coverage on September 30 this year if they cannot provide the federal government with appropriate information. Earlier this year, the Department of Health and Human Services began the process of contacting 2 million people that received coverage through state exchanges. The agency has been informing these people about discrepancies or errors in the information that they have provided during their enrollment into these exchanges.

Discrepancies in information provided to health insurance exchanges has become a significant problem

Online Health InsuranceDiscrepancies could also have an effect on the subsidies that people are receiving for their insurance coverage. Millions of those that have enrolled for coverage through exchanges are receiving subsidies from the federal government. These subsidies are meant to reduce the overall cost of insurance policies, making them more accessible to a wider demographic. Some may be taking advantage of the subsidies being offered, but most others have likely made a small error on their insurance applications, leading to discrepancies.

HHS seeks to connect with consumers and ensure that they remain insured

According to the Department of Health and Services, citizenship information is where most discrepancies are being seen. Some 970,000 people applying for coverage through state-based exchanges offered citizenship information that did not match government records. The agency notes that it is working to ensure that as many people as possible remain insured through exchanges. Part of this process involves getting in contact with consumers to gain access to accurate information.

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