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Insurance News-Summer

Concerns and coverage needs change during the hotter months.

Summer is now underway and all of the favorite activities for the hot weather are starting to be enjoyed. However, before you get your vacation fully underway, it’s important to make sure to check with the latest insurance news and know that you have all the coverage you need.

Whether you’re buying a boat, renting a cottage, or installing a pool, consider summer coverage needs.

All too many people don’t give insurance news statistics a second though, putting themselves at risk of all sorts of expenses and liabilities for which they could have been covered if they’d taken an extra moment. Summertime safety is just as important as any other time of the year, and many of the most fun and popular activities come with a certain amount of risks that could prove to be costly without the proper protection.

Insurance news every year reports on accidents in pools, boats, and other summertime favorites.

Get to know your own risks and make sure to purchase the right amount of coverage to keep the fun in your summertime. Some of them include the following:

• Pool policies – though a pool in the back yard is a great way to enjoy yourself, stay cool, and have a place to entertain friends, without the right coverage, it could result in serious financial struggles. Regardless of whether the pool is in ground or above ground, you need to look at your coverage to make sure that it is adequate.

Keep in mind that many homeowners policies do not provide adequate coverage for a swimming pool, and some will often exclude those features altogether. Pools can be dangerous, requiring liability coverage, and can also lead to expensive damage if they break or malfunction. Consider a specific policy or an umbrella policy, depending on what is available in your state.

• Classic car policies – though this is the season to bring out your classic, antique, or convertible cars, keep in mind that because they are more expensive to repair and have limited use, they require greater coverage than your year-round vehicle.

• Boat policies – if you want to enjoy your watercraft this year, then don’t let yourself become another insurance news statistic, and make sure that you have the right kind of coverage for the boat you’ve chosen.

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