Texas Department of Insurance targeted by critics over blocking of emails

Texas Insurance

Texas Insurance

Agency blocks thousands of messages from consumers

The Texas Department of Insurance has received hundreds of letters from consumers concerning the rates of homeowners insurance policies. The emails have been coming in since early July, with a total of 334 messages making their way to Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman. The rest of the emails have been blocked, with many of the addresses sending the messages being blacklisted by the agency in an effort to reduce the number of messages being received. The blocking of these addresses has caused some controversy amongst consumers.

Block may have been automated response

Agency representatives have not made it clear whether the block was enforced as an automated response or if it was intentional. The Texas Department of Insurance claims that the matter is currently under investigation and expects details to be available within the coming weeks. Insurance Commissioner Kitzman has received more than 1,200 emails to date on the subject, with more coming as the days go by. Many of these messages contain sharp criticism regarding the apparent dismissal of consumer concerns.

Texan consumers concerned over rates for homeowner’s insurance

Texas consumers have been somewhat distressed over the rate at which homeowners insurance costs have been rising. Insurance companies have been increasing rates on policies for various reasons ranging from the ongoing drought to exposure to financial risks. There is currently no end in sight for the trend of growing homeowner’s insurance rates, a fact that has many consumers worried. These consumers have turned to the Texas Department of Insurance to express their frustrations and petition regulators to provide some form of relief.

Texas Department of Insurance confronted by Texas Watch

The agency’s decision to block messages from consumers has caught the attention of Texas Watch, a bi-partisan advocacy organization. The organization has criticized the Department of Insurance for its apparent apathy regarding the concerns of the state’s residents. Texas Watch issued a strong statement to the agency, as well as to the public, noting that the agency has a duty to serve the residents of Texas.

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