Zurich Insurance Group makes $2.1 billion ANZ life insurance acquisition

australia ANZ life insurance

The Swiss insurer will solidify a more important spot within this sector of the global industry. Zurich Insurance Group has announced its acquisition of ANZ life insurance. The move will place the Swiss company in the top position within Australia’s retail life insurance marketplace. The acquisition was made for a reported $2.1 billion and will considerably increase its standing in Australia. Before the ANZ life insurance acquisition, Zurich had been holding the fifth spot within that marketplace. Now it will take an easy first. The Swiss insurance company stated that…

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Zurich Insurance company brings in new global life CEO

Zurich Insurance Company News Building in Leeds

Gary Shaughnessy has now been appointed as the chief executive officer as the insurer shuffles leadership again. The Zurich Insurance company has now announced that it has changed leadership in its Global Life business for the second time in a span of two years, now that it has appointed Gary Shaughnessy to the position. The new CEO had already been the head of the life insurance business for the U.K. with extensive experience. The 49 year old had also been the interim CEO of global life in Asia, Europe and…

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Zurich Insurance company shows substantial profit reduction

Zurich Insurance Company News Building in Leeds

The general coverage business from the firm has recorded an operating loss making insurance news headlines. Zurich Insurance Group has recently reported that the insurance company has experienced a 79 percent drop in its net profit for the third quarter of 2015, requiring the firm to have to change gears with regards to a number of strategies it had planned to implement. Among the scrapped plans in this insurance news included a sizeable acquisition mean to boost financial performance. The insurance company, based in Zurich, stated that its net profit…

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Insurance news from Tianjin explosions shows claims have started

Tianjin explosion China insurance news

Zurich has announced that it is already receiving claims and that it is bracing for many more. The insurance news from Zurich Insurance Group’s Chinese unit has revealed that it has already started receiving filings with regards to the explosion in the country’s northeast city of Tianjin, and it has added that it is preparing to receive many more. The blast struck the city in China last Wednesday, killing over 85 people and injuring more than 720. As rescue workers continued to pull survivors out of the disaster zone, two…

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Home Depot serves as a reminder of the importance of cyber insurance

Home Depot Cyber Insurance

Retailer falls victim to a major data breach that could have compromised consumer financial information Home Depot recently announced that it had fallen victim to a data breach that may have compromised the financial information of customers visiting 2,200 of its stores located in the U.S. and Canada. The company suggests that there has not yet been any evidence that this financial information has been compromised. The attack on Home Depot again highlights the growing importance of cyber insurance. This form of insurance coverage may not be able to stop…

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Climate change and the insurance industry

Climate Change Insurance agents Industry

Insurance industry shows concern over climate change Climate change is often a controversial topic, especially when it comes to whether or not humans are having an impact on climatic events. Usually, the issue is politicized, with certain factions providing some extreme viewpoint on climate change and others suggesting that it is little more than a myth. While the truth of climate change may reside somewhere in between extremes of perception, one thing is certain: The insurance industry is not keen to leave itself exposed to the risks that come with…

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Homeowners insurance lacking in over 9 in 10 UAE homes

homeowners Insurance news

Recent findings from Zurich have revealed that the current trend is headed in a downward direction. It took a massive fire in a Dubai residential tower, last year, to truly draw the attention of property owners in the United Arab Emirates to the importance of homeowners insurance, but it looks as though the climbing trend has come to an end and is starting to drop once more. A recent study has shown that over 9 out of every 10 people don’t have their homes covered. The homeowners insurance study was…

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Cyber insurance is Zurich’s new focus

cyber insurance

The massive insurer is hoping to increase the coverage it provides against data breaches and climate change. Zurich Insurance Group is now broadening its focus to be able to meet the growing corporate demand for coverage such as cyber insurance against data breaches as well as against the risks that are posed by climate change. This announcement was made by the general insurance chief at Zurich, this week. A growing number of businesses are seeking cyber insurance to cover themselves against the economic challenges – or catastrophe – that can…

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Insurance news from Zurich shows a massive $700 million superstorm bill

Insurance news losses

The European insurer has released the figures relating to its claims from Sandy. Zurich has just released its latest insurance news by becoming the most recent insurer to have connected its figures to the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, reporting that it is expecting that its net claims will reach approximately $700 million. These predictions are following closely on the heels of the figures release made by AIG. The numbers that were issued by AIG had forecasted that the storm would have generated post-tax net losses of approximately $1.3 billion.…

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Auto insurance pricing model from Autodata Middle East selected by Zurich

Auto insurance news

The dynamic new techniques are now the center of a new agreement that has been signed. Zurich, one of the leading insurers in the world, has announced that it has signed an agreement with Autodata Middle East – a leading auto insurance pricing information provider – in order to help to determine a used vehicle’s actual value in the United Arab Emirates, to achieve far more accurate premiums calculations. The new model takes many additional factors into account to help maintain accuracy. The price of used vehicles change on a…

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