Health insurance enrollments remain low among young adults

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The Affordable Care Act needs younger and healthier consumers to sign up to offset costs from older policyholders. As much as the Affordable Care Act has seen a considerable growth in the number of uninsured people who have been signing up for health insurance through the exchange websites, there is one considerable area of struggle that it has been facing in terms of sign-ups: young adults. This problem isn’t a minor one, as the ACA had been relying on healthy people to offset the expenses of the sick. As young…

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Young people are showing interest in health insurance

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HHS releases new data concerning enrollment in state and federal insurance exchanges The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released new data concerning enrollment in health insurance exchanges throughout the country. These exchanges are meant to provide consumers with access to affordable insurance coverage. The policies sold through these exchanges are offered by private insurance companies and must provide certain benefits according to federal regulations. Enrollment in exchanges has been somewhat slow due to ongoing technical problems with the exchange infrastructure. Young consumers are beginning to show more…

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