Auto insurance study identifies the worst drivers in the US

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Recent research has identified Montana as being the state that has the worst drivers on its roads. As the Thanksgiving holiday weekend came to a close and the weather starts to turn slightly less friendly to drivers, an auto insurance study has determined exactly where the worst drivers in the country live, regardless of how bad or great you think your local road users might be. Montana took the unwanted top spot of having the drivers on its roads that are the most dangerous. The auto insurance research was conducted…

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Research ranks auto insurance premiums by state and finds uninsured increase costs

An online survey conducted by, has shown that drivers in Louisiana, Michigan, and Oklahoma pay highest premiums for auto insurance in the country. On the flip side, Vermont had the lowest car insurance rates, according to the same survey. The findings were based on the rates paid every year by single males who are 40 years old and who commute 12 miles every day to work. This profile would generate a rate of $995 in Vermont, but was much higher in some other states. For example, the same person…

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Allstate survey shows that U.S. drivers are confident in their driving abilities despite their dangerous habits

A new study from Allstate Corp. suggests that U.S. motorists may not be as skilled of drivers as they may think. The study shows that the majority of Americans consider themselves to be good drivers with safe habits. This notion is contrary to the evidence compiled by Allstate that suggests otherwise. How the auto insurance industry will react to the study is yet to be seen. Whether the study will serve as inspiration for drivers to improve their habits is also unclear. Allstate studied more than 1,000 adults in the…

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