4.9 percent workers’ compensation rate hike coming to Washington

Workers compensation - Person looking stressed

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries announced the increase for 2024. Next year, the average workers compensation premium in Washington will be 4.9 percent higher, according to a recent announcement from the state’s Department of Labor & Industries. The rate increase will become effective on January 1, 2024, and will be paid jointly by workers and employers. The workers compensation rate increase will mean that every full-time employee’s premium will be rising by an average of $65 per year. That cost will be split between workers and employees.…

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How You Can Report Insurance Fraud

California Insurance company Fraud scam

Reporting insurance fraud is most likely one of the furthest things from your mind, as you go about your daily business. However, you may find yourself with a difficult choice to make if you are ever faced with the decision of whether to report a suspected fraudulent act. A consumer has the same responsibility as that of an insurance company to report fraud. It doesn’t matter whether the fraudulent behavior is committed by an individual toward a governmental insuring organization or if the fraud committed by the insurance company, itself.…

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Florida court rules that illegal immigrants are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits

The Florida First District Court of Appeals has released its ruling on the case of HDV Construction Systems v. Luis Aragon. The case stems from a worker’s compensation dispute levied against HDV construction by Luis Aragon. According to the suit, Aragon fell from a roof while working, suffering from serious injuries that prevented him from working during the extent of his recovery. Normally, such a dispute would have been settled without bringing the issue to court, but one issue makes this case court-worthy: Aragon is an undocumented immigrant. Aragon was…

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