Insurance fraud causing major problems in California

Auto Insurance

Ventura County officials begin crack down on insurance fraud California’s Ventura County District Attorney’s Office has been awarded with a $1 million grant from the state’s Insurance Department to combat fraud. Ventura County has been battling workers’ compensation and auto insurance fraud for several years, and the funds received through the Department of Insurance are expected to help District Attorney Greg Totten make new strides in the fight against fraud and eventually drive down insurance rates for honest consumers and businesses. Insurance fraud costs California $15 billion annually According to…

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Construction subcontractors in California applaud announcement by insurance commissioner Jones

California insurance commissioner Dave Jones has made an announcement regarding the 57 felony charges that were laid against a business owner in Millbrae, including workers’ compensation insurance fraud and payroll theft. The California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors (CALPASC) has worked along with the Painting and Decorating Contractors of California (PDCC) and other allied associations, as an element of the LEVEL Program, in order to assist state agencies in the targeting and identification of deceitful construction industry employers who are scamming the state and costing Californians millions of dollars, as…

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Tennessee Legislature to investigate workers’ compensation system

Tennessee’s workers’ compensation insurance system is to be the subject of review this year. State officials, businesses and insurance experts are to examine how the system is working and how it can be improved. Tennessee has seen its fair share of criticism in recent years as several companies claim the state is too unfriendly to business. Governor Bill Haslam has decided to make the workers’ compensation system a primary focus of the state’s Legislature and hopes to solve some of the complaints it has generated in the past. One of…

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