Allstate uses insurance drones to assess storm damage

insurance company drones aerial

The insurer is using the technology to get a better idea of the property damage situation from spring storms. Allstate is using insurance drones to conduct an assessment of the property damage left behind by spring storms in four states. The company already owns the technology in a number of locations and was prepared to implement it when it was needed. In preparation to use the drones, Allstate Insurance readied itself with a solid fleet of the technology. The Allstate fleet of insurance drones are either ready or already being…

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Allstate to raise rates on homeowners insurance in Chicago after spate of recent disasters

Allstate is looking to raise rates on homeowners insurance in Chicago. The company has plans to raise rates by an average of 10% throughout the state, citing a rise in water, wind and hail damage claims over the past year. State regulators will not need to review the rate proposal, as the average rate increase does not exceed the 10% mark. The insurer plans to enact the new rates on March 26 this year. 2011 has become notorious for its natural disasters. These natural disasters took a toll in Chicago…

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