Supercomputer Watson to take on the health insurance industry

Health Insurance IBM Watson

Watson making an entry into health insurance The Watson supercomputer, one of the most advanced computers on the planet, has made an entry into the insurance industry. Since 2011, IBM, makers of the advanced artificial intelligence computer, has been using Watson to improve the health care industry. The supercomputers capabilities have drawn a great deal of acclaim in this field and has helped modernize many of the computer systems that govern health care. Now, Watson is graduating from the medical world to take on health insurance. Supercomputer will help assess…

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IBM supercomputer to recommend action on thousands of insurance claims for WellPoint Inc

IBM’s famed supercomputer, Watson, is taking on a new challenge, the results of which may have a sweeping impact on the nation’s insurance industry. The supercomputer has successfully overcome several challenges in the past, including a “Jeopardy!” competition in which the computer won a decisive victory against some of the brightest minds in trivia knowledge. Watson has shown that its computing power surpasses the capabilities of a human mind and, because it is a machine, is not prone to typical human error. For this reason, the computer is now being…

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