Boat insurance policyholders don’t always understand their coverage

boat insurance

Many customers don’t realize that there is a great deal more to this protection than meets the eye. Boating season is now fully underway and boaters have purchased their boat insurance policies for the season. That said, many of the 87 million recreational boaters in the U.S. don’t seem to fully understand those policies. Recreational boaters buy insurance coverage year after year without knowing important points about it. Among the most important types of boat insurance coverage is the form that provides protection when it’s not in use. When your…

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Boat insurance may be necessary even after homeowners coverage

Boat Insurance

The boating season has already started but many enthusiasts don’t realize that they’re not adequately protected. Although the season for watercraft has had its unofficial start and people have been flocking to their local lakes to be able to get as much out of this year’s warm weather as they possibly can, but many don’t realize that they will likely require additional boat insurance to provide them with the coverage that they need. It isn’t uncommon for people to think that their homeowners insurance or cottage policy is enough. AAA…

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Chubb announces availability of a new form of boat insurance

Marine Insurance

New and enhanced watercraft coverage now offered with several potential advantages. Chubb Insurance Company of Canada has now released its new and enhanced boat insurance policy which includes a number of different opportunities for watercraft owners, such as a special discount, broadened navigational coverage, improved options for deductibles, larger coverage against damage, and travel-sized policy certificates. The new policy now offers a discount of 5 percent if Chubb Canada is also the homeowners policy provider. Multiple policies with the company means a significant savings to watercraft owners, who will also…

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Owners of high value Louisiana homes can now choose customized P&C insurance coverage from PURE

Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE) has revealed that has enhanced its offerings for customized coverage through property and casualty insurance for homeowners of high-value, well-built Louisiana houses. According to the chief executive officer and president of PURE, Ross Buchmueller, two of the primary reasons that PURE is so keen to bring its customized services into the personal insurance marketplace in the state is because of the unprecedented investments that have been recently been made into the protection infrastructure of New Orleans and its surrounding area, as well as the professionalism…

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