Healthcare reforms with greatest simplicity proving most successful

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The states that began at the smallest levels for their exchanges are the ones winning the most so far. The federal healthcare reforms may have been experiencing a lot of hiccups over the last three weeks in getting the health insurance exchanges off the ground, but what has been discovered is that among all of these online marketplaces, it is those that have started small that appear to be running the most smoothly out of the gate. With every passing day, the sites are doing a little bit better as…

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Washington Governor Gregoire signs state insurance exchange bill

Washington state Governor Christine Gregoire has now signed a bill into law, which now sets the rules in that state for insurance companies that are readying themselves for the online insurance exchange that is a part of the federal healthcare reform. The exchanges are a part of the President Barack Obama overhaul that began in 2010, and they must be ready to be put into place by January 1, 2014. They are designed to assist both individuals and small businesses to find proper and affordable health insurance coverage. Governor Gregoire…

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