DC offers glimpse into health insurance prices through exchange

Health insurance plan

DC officials aim to provide more insight concerning health insurance exchange Washington D.C. is currently working to establish its own health insurance exchange. Though the District is not actually a state, it is still required by federal law to host a health insurance exchange, through which consumers can find a wealth of affordable coverage options. Exact details concerning the D.C. exchange are somewhat scarce as officials tend to only over some vague insight to the program and how it is being formed. This week, D.C. officials have offered a first…

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Health insurance exchange decision nearly made by Washington DC

Health insurance care reform confusion debate

The D.C. Council will be making its decision about small business plans as early as next week. It is now believed that the decision regarding whether or not small business owners will be required to buy the health insurance for their employees through an exchange run by Washington D.C. will be made as soon as next week. This decision will help to determine how D.C. will be complying with the federal healthcare reforms. Council member Yvette M. Alexander (D – Ward 7) has explained that it is her intention to…

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Health insurance exchange plans up for review in Washington DC

health insurance disclosure tax penalty

Small businesses have a problem with DC health insurance exchange Plans for a health insurance exchange in Washington D.C. has been facing some challenges in recent months, many of which are coming from small businesses. This week, the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange Authority reiterated that it was committed to establishing a working health insurance exchange for Washington D.C., noting that small businesses would be forced to purchase coverage from the exchange program. The committee did, however, announce that it would be working to delay the mandate requiring these small businesses…

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