Health insurance elimination by Walmart could harm workers’ wallets

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Reports are showing that temporary workers who are no longer being covered by the company could face financial struggles. Recently, Walmart made insurance news headlines when it announced that when it comes to the temporary workers that it employers, it would no longer be offering health insurance coverage among the employment benefits. The company announced that this would affect only a small fraction of the total number of people it employs. Though Walmart pointed out that among the 1.4 million people that the company employs in the United States, only…

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Health insurance policy changes at Walmart deny coverage to some new employees

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This sends the burden of coverage for some workers to the new healthcare system and to Medicaid. The latest updates to Walmart’s company policy have revealed that the largest employer in the United States, Walmart, will not be providing health insurance to its new hires when they will be employed for a workweek that is shorter than 30 hours. The new policy will also allow coverage to be denied to current workers if their weekly hours fall. Employees whose hours drop below the 30 hours per week mark may also…

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