Data shows 87,000 people enroll for health insurance coverage in Virginia

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Consumers in Virginia are finding coverage through the state’s insurance exchange Information from the federal government shows that approximately 87,000 consumers living in Virginia have found health insurance coverage through the state’s exchange marketplace. The open enrollment period for the exchange began on November 1 of this year and will run through January 31, 2016. Once the enrollment period began, many consumers flocked to the exchange either to find new policies or acquire coverage for the first time. Many more were automatically enrolled in the exchange for having purchased coverage…

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Small businesses have worries about the rising cost of health insurance

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Business owners voice their concerns to Senate committee about insurance costs Three small businesses recently spoke to the Senate Health Subcommittee on Primary Health and Retirement Security concerning the affect that the Affordable Care Act is having on the cost of health insurance coverage. According to these businesses, the federal role is riddled with problems that are making coverage extremely expensive. The growing costs of insurance coverage is making it more difficult for companies to provide coverage to their employees. It is less expensive to hire younger consumers due to…

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Thousands could lose their health insurance by year’s end

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Substandard insurance policies throughout the US are expected to be cancelled at the end of the year Thousands of people throughout the U.S. will be losing their health insurance coverage at the end of the year. Those that are losing their coverage have substandard policies that do not comply with federal regulations. These policies were initially meant to expire at the beginning of the year, but were granted a reprieve by the federal government. This reprieve is coming to an end and consumers may be forced to find new policies…

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Competition begins heating up in the health insurance sector

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Health insurance exchanges are boosting competition Health insurance exchanges throughout the U.S. have encountered many problems over the past month. When open enrollment began, exchange websites were flooded with traffic, leading to capacity problems and technical glitches with many exchange systems. In the weeks that followed, many state-based exchanges were able to overcome these issues, though technical difficulties still plagued the website and enrollment system. As health insurance exchanges have begun growing more capable of handling demand, they are beginning to accomplish one of their primary goals: Increase competition…

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Hurricane season draws more attention to homeowners insurance

Homeowners flood Insurance

Homeowners insurance becomes top priority as hurricane season approaches Hurricane season in the U.S. is fast approaching, which means that many states along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Coast are beginning to take steps to raise awareness of prominent homeowners insurance issues. In the past, powerful hurricanes have caused significant damage in several states. The most recent example of how much damage can be caused by one of these natural disasters can be seen in 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. The homeowners insurance sector continues to reel from the disaster even…

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Virginia to provide licenses to public insurance adjusters

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Public insurance adjusters to begin receiving licensing next year Virginia insurance regulators are looking to license public adjusters to help manage the flow of claims that the state’s insurance companies receive as a result of natural disasters. The State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance is expected to begin issuing licenses for public insurance adjusters beginning early next year. Recent natural disasters have proven to generate a high number of claims. A limited number of insurance adjusters means that some of these claims could sit unresolved for extensive periods of time.…

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Obama’s healthcare reforms cause tricky debate among federal judges

A federal appellate judge panel with conservative inclinations has expressed apprehension regarding the Obama administration’s healthcare laws, but has also indicated that it may be premature to challenge the overhaul. The case before the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington involves a lawsuit that is arguing whether or not Obama’s massive healthcare reforms have caused Congress to step outside its authority in giving people the choice starting in 2014 to either purchase health insurance or pay a tax penalty. Former top George W. Bush aide, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who received…

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