Auto insurance data shows Ford trucks loved by thieves

Canada Auto Insurance

The IBC has released its report identifying the 10 most stolen vehicles. The auto Insurance Bureau of Canada has just announced its list of the 10 vehicles that are the most popular targets of thieves and has identified Ford trucks at the top of this list, particularly in the province of Alberta. The report covered vehicle thefts from across the country but provided a breakdown by province. This IBC list is issued once per year in order to help auto insurance companies and consumers to better identify the vehicles that…

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NavStar Technologies to use new technology to meet auto insurance industry needs for vehicle theft

Commercial product and service producer for the monitoring, tracking, and reporting of high-value assets, NavStar Technologies, Inc., has announced the development of a new hardware platform that is designed to address the monitoring and tracking needs of several segments of the insurance marketplace – primarily for automobile insurers. The company will be leveraging this new product to provide the auto insurance industry with a solution with an ultra-low cost in order to help recover some of the over 700,000 vehicles that are reported as stolen every year in the US,…

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