Auto insurance industry identifies vehicles that cause the most injuries

2012 Toyota Yaris - Auto Insurance Report

A recent study has shown the makes and models of the cars in which the most people are hurt. The results of an auto insurance industry report have just been released and have named the vehicles in which the largest number of injuries are experienced when they are involved in a crash. This data showed that the Toyota Yaris had the highest number of injuries per accident. The information used for the research was obtained from the Highway Loss Data Institute, which looked at the auto insurance data for vehicles…

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Auto insurance research shows Volvo has made a significant difference to safety

proof of auto insurance

Since 2000, the number of injuries have been cut in half. According to the Volvo automaker, it has good news for individuals looking for vehicles that will bring about cheaper auto insurance policies, as it says that one of its new cars has reduced the odds of being injured by 50 percent when compared to its vehicles from 2000. The Swedish car manufacturer says that it has used experience and exhaustive research to produce these results. It explained that the knowledge that it has combined through these techniques over the…

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Chevrolet Volt continues to receive top marks for crash safety from insurers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) continues to stand by its decision to give the Chevrolet Volt the title of Top Safety Pick, regardless of a probe by the federal government that examined the post-crash fires. That said, it doesn’t mean that the Volt is off the hook quite yet. The IIHS says that it has found that this issue can occur when the vehicle has been in a serious crash. According to Russ Rader, a spokesperson for IIHS, this discovery won’t change its ratings for crash testing. Rader…

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New technology can prevent collisions at low speeds

A recent study funded by the auto insurance industry has shown that new technology installed into vehicles can make a significant difference in helping to prevent rear-end collisions and fender benders that occur at slow speeds such as in traffic jams. The research was performed by the Highway Loss Data Institute, the research branch of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It discovered that when a 2010 Volvo XC60 was fitted with a special technology feature called City Safety, which is designed for collision avoidance, the vehicles were much less…

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