Factors influencing auto policy premiums are a mystery to most drivers

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A recent J.D. Power study showed that many motorists don’t know what will impact their bill. J.D. Power recently released the results of a study that they conducted which showed that the majority of vehicle owners don’t have an accurate understanding of the factors that will cause their auto policy premiums to change. This lack of understanding could be causing these consumers to pay too much for their coverage. At a time in which the cost of an auto policy is already rising in many places, it is important for…

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Auto insurance plans for Allstate could mean online leadership

Allstate auto Insurance News

The insurer has laid the foundation for selling on the internet and is now building on that base. For more than ten years, Allstate Corp. gradually lagged behind the competition in a number of ways within the fast growing online auto insurance business, but the insurer is now geared up to rocket ahead of the competition over this very important channel. This provider has been preparing to enhance its successes in this area and is now ready to go ahead. Almost two years ago, Allstate purchased the online auto insurance…

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