Insurance claims from Halloween vandalism are getting bigger

halloween homeowners insurance claims

Statistics have been revealing that claims from damage on that day are adding up to millions of dollars. Despite the fact that Halloween is usually celebrated through fun and costumes, the rising number of insurance claims being filed every year have shown that it is also a time that a smaller number of people decide to take part in vandalism. This, according to the statistics that were released by the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. Statistics have revealed that there are more insurance claims for vandalized property filed following…

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Insurance Information Institute suggests steps to take the fear out of Halloween

The Insurance Information Institute has released a number of safety suggestions that can work along with adequate and up-to-date auto and homeowners insurance coverage in order to make Halloween a little less scary. Those steps include the following: • Vandalism to home or vehicle – standard renters and homeowners insurance policies offer vandalism insurance, typically with a deductible. Your auto insurance optional comprehensive element is where the vandalism coverage is contained. • Fire – standard renters and homeowners insurance policies cover damages from fires resulting from electrically powered decorations or…

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