Usher’s insurance company does not intend to defend the performer in herpes lawsuits

lawsuit Usher’s insurance broker company

The entertainer’s insurer does not feel obligated to pay his claims as he allegedly hid his condition from them. Usher’s insurance company alleges the singer failed to inform them that he had received a herpes diagnosis before he obtained coverage. As a result, the insurer states that should not have to pay his claims for the lawsuits filed against him from sexual partners to whom he did not disclose his condition. Documents filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court state that the insurers feel they are not obligated to provide…

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Insurance news update reveals Usher’s stepson passed away

Flowers for Kile Glover

Eleven year old Kile Glover was taken off life support. A sad update to the latest insurance news has reported that Kile Glover, the stepson of R&B singer, Usher, has died after he was taken off life support on Saturday. The boy had been declared brain dead on July 8 following a terrible jet ski accident. This became leading insurance news when Glover’s mother, Tameka Foster, found herself in the position that she had to choose whether to take her son off life support or find alternative ways to pay…

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