What you should know about usage based insurance

Usage based insurance

How telematics may change driver behaviors. Usage based insurance is on the rise, and it is showing no signs of slowing down as it combines telematics with GPS technology and onboard diagnostics to help insurers to better understand the behaviors of their policyholders while behind the wheel. Though the impact on price is starting to be understood, what has yet to be seen is the impact on drivers. The technology is able to tell an insurance company where a car is located, how fast it is going, how many left…

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Auto insurers introduce pay as you drive insurance

Usage based auto insurance

Usage based coverage is increasing in popularity among carriers and drivers. Large insurers such as Allstate and Progressive are taking the auto industry in a new direction with pay as you drive insurance policies that track a motorist’s average speed, mileage, and other driving details that can help those customers to experience significant discounts in their premiums if they prove to be good drivers. Though usage based policies had a slow introduction, these efforts are now being accelerated. Carriers are finding that the popularity and possibilities of this type of…

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