USAA insurance company offered military members financial help during shutdown

servicemembers military USAA Insurance company

The insurer was providing interest-free loans to military members whose paychecks were impacted by the government shutdown. Military members whose paycheck depends on the government staying open had a bit of help from the USAA insurance company. The insurer offered military members interest-free loans to help them to fill the gap until they start getting paid again. USAA members in the armed services were essentially offered interest-free payday loans. The money wasn’t being handed out for free, but the USAA insurance company did provide armed services who wouldn’t be paid…

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USAA insurance advertising withdrawn from Fox News

Sean Hannity USAA insurance advertising

The insurer which covers American military members and their families pulled its support for the show. USAA insurance advertising support was withdrawn from Fox News following Sean Hannity’s coverage of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich’s murder. Hannity’s reportage introduced his own theory about the case, despite the fact that it conflicted with police reports. Police investigating the case determined that Rich was murdered as a part of a robbery that went gravely awry. However, Hannity reported his own theory that the murder was deliberate in order to silence the…

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New life insurance rules could make rates noticeably cheaper

life insurance plans

People who have hesitated to purchase a policy may find that they have new motivation on its way. Changes to life insurance rules in all states except three are more than likely to bring rates down by a considerable amount. There have already been at least two insurance companies that have decreased their term life policy rates and other insurers are expected to follow. The regulations involve telling insurance companies how much money they must keep in reserve. The two insurers that have already implemented rate decreases in part resulting…

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Auto insurance offered for ride share drivers by USAA

auto insurance ride share

The insurer based in San Antonio has released a statement that said it would extend a driver’s existing policy. USAA has now announced that it will be giving drivers for ride sharing programs, such as Uber and Lyft, the opportunity to extend their current auto insurance in order to protect them while they are with a fare. This coverage would broaden the deductibles and the coverage for a nominal additional monthly fee. According to the auto insurance company, the expanded coverage would cost an additional $6 to $8 on average.…

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Drones may be coming to the insurance industry

Insurance industry standards and technology

California insurer wants to use drones to expedite the claims process after natural disasters An insurance company operating in California wants to use unmanned aircraft to speed up the claims process associated with natural disasters. In the wake of a natural disasters, such as a major flood or earthquake, insurers often deploy claims adjusters to help policyholders file claims. This can be a time consuming process, depending on the severity of the disaster, and the longer the claims process takes, the more money an insurer is spending on the matter.…

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The Most Comprehensive Insurance Telematics Conference & Exhibition

insurance industry news

Telematics Update: 60+ Insurers including Progressive, Allstate, USAA and Liberty Mutual Already Confirmed to Attend Insurance Telematics USA 2013 Telematics Update has announced that with a month until the Insurance Telematics USA 2013 Conference (4-5 Sept, Chicago), 67 underwriters, pricing, marketing and product directors from leading insurance companies such as American Family, Farmers, State Farm and USAA have already signed-up to attend. Over the past 13 years, Telematics Update has built an in-depth knowledge on all things telematics, focusing on how these technologies can be utilized by the insurance space.…

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Satmetrix benchmark study reveals loyalty leaders in American insurance industry

Net Promoter software company, Satmetrix, which is the customer experience program marketplace leader, has released its 2012 Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks for 22 different industries, including the insurance sector. As a whole, the study was broader than it has been in previous years, involving the participation of over 30,000 American consumers who provided their rating feedback about over 200 brands across the various industries. The benchmarks that it creates are based upon the survey responses from consumers across the United States who rated their various experiences with the top brands…

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