Insurance customer trends show one in three Americans don’t shop again for policies

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A new survey showed that policyholders in the U.S. don’t re-shop to find better coverage or rates. One out of every three Americans have never re-shopped for a policy, say the results of a new insurance customer trends survey. The research found that almost half of all policyholders who have looked around for a better deal has not done so within the last year. The research was conducted on homeowners insurance and auto insurance customers. American consumers are risking overpaying for their coverage, say the results of a new Policygenius…

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Homeowners insurance customers are more satisfied than ever, says J.D. Power

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A new survey showed policyholders are happier than ever before with their home insurers. Satisfaction among homeowners insurance customers is higher than it has ever been before, according to a new J.D. Power survey. The “U.S. Home Insurance Study” results show the highest scores in the survey’s history. The results of the U.S. Home Insurance Study from J.D. Power were the highest ever. On a scale of 1,000 points, the 2018 study recorded an 818, among homeowners insurance customers. This represents an increase of 10 points over the 2017 results.…

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Homeowners insurance rates grow nationwide

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Homeowners insurance rates are increasing throughout the US Homeowners insurance has become a tricky subject in the U.S. Costs for this type of coverage are typically high in regions that are prone to natural disasters, such as those along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. States like Florida and Louisiana typically see high home insurance rates due to the fact that they have been victims of major hurricanes in the past. Homeowners insurance rates are growing, however, and this is not being restricted to just a few states. Rates…

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Insurance Information Institute sees premiums rise in wake of Hurricane Sandy

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Insurance Information Institute notes homeowners insurance rates are on the rise and have been for some time Hurricane Sandy is expected to have a significant impact on homeowners insurance premiums in the Northeast U.S., according to the Insurance Information Institute. The trade association suggests that major storms like Sandy often have an impact on insurance rates, but Sandy is not the only factor that is going into the growing premiums of homeowners insurance coverage. The Insurance Information Institute suggests that premiums have been growing since mid-2011 and that Hurricane Sandy…

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New title insurance policy approved by Florida regulators

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Title insurance continues to be difficult subject in Florida Title insurance in Florida has long been a tricky business. The state is considered a high risk market due to its exposure to hurricanes and tropical storms coming through the Gulf of Mexico. As such, the title insurance maerket in Florida can be difficult to navigate for some consumers more than in other states. This often creates problems for consumers, but there may be some relief in sight as the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations approves new measures to ensure the accessibility of affordable insurance…

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