Autism insurance coverage likely to be supported in Utah bill

Autism Insurance Coverage - Boy with heart

Senate Bill 95 aims to require certain plans in the state to provide coverage for behavioral treatments. Senator Curt Bramble (R-Provo) proposed SB95 last week with the intention of making autism insurance coverage mandatory on certain health benefit plans. The coverage would not be required for all health plans and would only pay for certain treatments. The autism insurance coverage proposed in the bill is for behavioral treatment for people on spectrum. It would involve covering these treatments regardless of which autism spectrum disorder they have, what their age is,…

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In as little as 6 years climate change could raise American birth defects

birth defects - pregnancy

The impact of rising global temperatures could soon become heartbreakingly evident to families. Climate change could start raising the rate of American birth defects as soon as 2025, according to a new study. The research was published by the Journal of the American Heart Association last week. The study showed the various ways in which longer and more intense heat events will affect pregnant women. The research found that pregnant women are exposed to longer heat and more intense heat events, it has a measurable impact on their unborn babies.…

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Illinois health insurance exchange still uncertain

Illinois Health Insurance Exchanges

Illinois health insurance exchange is the basis for new political turmoil in its home state The Affordable Care Act is here to stay in the U.S., secured by a second term victory from President Obama and upheld by the Supreme Court. Because the future of the health care reform law is not longer in question, states are beginning to take aggressive steps to ensure they comply with the federal law. Some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are more easily accomplished than others, however, and some states are…

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