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Cutting individual insurance mandate could have dire consequences for health care, says RAND

A new study from the RAND Corporation, a non-profit institution that provides research and analysis for various political endeavors, suggests that axing the mandatory health insurance provision from the Affordable Care Act…
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Researchers find that U.S. insurers pay more for medical care than their counterparts in Canada

Health insurance rates are rising throughout the nation. Insurers are quick to justify these rate increases with the soaring costs of medical care and administration. While the nations insurance regulators are leery…
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Part III – Official goals and challenges of U.S. health care reform – A hope for better care, delivery, and costs

We have journeyed through the aspirations of the up-in-coming reform of the health care system with cost cutting tactics, preventative procedures, incentivizing medical industry and now, in part three, we will review the…
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