House Republicans pass flood insurance bill to overhaul NFIP

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Bipartisan opposition was overcome and the bill was passed to continue helping policyholders at risk of flooding. A controversial flood insurance bill has been passed in the House as Republicans overcame bipartisan opposition. This legislation will both reauthorize and overhaul the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The program is currently facing considerable strain following a highly active hurricane season. NFIP was forced to pay billions of dollars to policyholders this year after several hurricanes made landfall in the United States. The House passed the flood insurance bill in a vote…

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Lawmakers seek to postpone reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program

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Congressmen aim to halt needed reforms in order to limit the growth of premiums Federal lawmakers are looking to make changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), but some are pushing to postpone much needed reforms. Representatives David Jolly and Gus Bilirakis have introduced a new measure that seeks to put reforms for the federal program on hold. NFIP is currently $23 billion in debt, with no practical way to repay this money. Congress has been working to resolve the program’s financial issues for some time, but proposed reforms…

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Flood insurance premiums to grow in the US

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Homeowners will face higher flood premiums as of April 1 Flood insurance premiums in the United States are set to spike on April 1. Those with coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) will see higher rates as the program continues to recover from its massive $24 billion debt. Much of the debt came in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. These two disasters caused significant financial damage, which NFIP has been unable to recover from despite action taken by Congress. Consumers believe higher rates may be…

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Lawmakers work to bring reform to the National Flood Insurance Program

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Lawmakers are fighting to change and improve NFIP Federal lawmakers are again attempting to introduce reforms to the country’s troubled National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Earlier this month, the House Financial Services Committee granted approval for the Flood Insurance Market Parity and Modernization Act. The legislation has won support from several lawmakers and is designed to mitigate the cost of flood protection. The legislation will also ensure that those seeking a mortgage for their property are treated the same when purchasing flood policies from the private market as they are…

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Disasters place more attention on the National Flood Insurance Program

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Severe flooding has placed more focus on the federal flood insurance program Devastating floods in Missouri and Texas have highlighted, yet again, the problems that exist with the National Flood Insurance Program. In December, floods throughout the Midwest and Southwest caused several millions of dollars in property damage, as well as claiming more than 40 lives. The damage caused by these disasters has added to the financial strain that the National Flood Insurance Program is facing. The federal program is currently $23 billion in debt, with lawmakers failing to resolve…

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Congress may be slow to act on flood insurance

Flood Insurance

Presidential election and short legislative session gives Congress limited time There may be relatively little action taken by the United States Congress this year, largely due to a short legislative session and the impending presidential election. This could mean some trouble for the insurance industry, as the U.S. may be lagging behind addressing issues concerning international insurance regulatory initiatives. This may also place more pressure on the National Flood Insurance Program, which has already struggled to find appropriate support from Congress over the past several years. National Flood Insurance Program…

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California residents are being encouraged to purchase flood insurance

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FEMA urges homeowners to obtain flood protection ahead of El Nino Homeowners in California are being urged by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to purchase flood insurance ahead of the arrival of the El Nino storm system this winter. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that El Nino will be particularly powerful this year and may strike the Bay Area in as little as two weeks from now. Notably, the majority of homeowners in the state do not have flood insurance coverage, largely due to a lack of…

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National Flood Insurance Program continues to struggle from financial losses

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10 years after Hurricane Katrina, federal program is still financially crippled More than 10 years have passed since Hurricane Katrina hit the United States, and many homeowners are still reeling from the damage caused by the catastrophe. Homeowners faced one of the most expensive disasters in the history of the country and its insurance industry, with some $80 billion in losses, with another $16.1 billion in flood insurance claims. The hurricane, as well as other storms that hit the country between 2008 and 2012, caused serious problems to the National…

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National Flood Insurance Program continues to struggle in the US

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Federal program is still trying to resolve claims that it received 10 years ago The U.S. National Flood Insurance Program is still struggling to recover from 10 year-old claims that have yet to be resolved. Despite efforts to assist the program in its recovery, the program continues to have trouble when it comes to providing consumers with flood insurance protection and handling claims in an appropriate fashion. Many of the program’s financial issues can be traced back to Hurricane Katrina, which had a major financial impact on the U.S. as…

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Munich Re enters into the private flood insurance market of the US

Flood Insurance and reinsurance

Insurer offers new product for homeowners in the United States Munich Reinsurance America has introduced a new insurance product in the United States that may be a benefit for some homeowners. It is a new flood insurance product designed for those living in low-to-moderate hazard flood zones in inland parts of the country. The new product will provide these homeowners with new options when it comes to flood protection, as this coverage had, for years, only been available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). NFIP will have competition when…

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