Consumers are favoring shopping online for auto insurance coverage

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Report highlights the trends directing consumer purchasing behavior More consumers are beginning to shop online for auto insurance coverage, according to a new report from comScore. The report highlights the trends that are beginning to emerge in the overall auto insurance industry, with these trends likely to play a major role in directing the shopping behavior of consumers in the future. The report is comprised of information gathered from more than 3,000 drivers throughout the United States, with this information being gathered between August and September of this year. Majority…

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Survey highlights auto insurance myths that consumers believe are true

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Survey shows that many drivers believe in myths about what affects the cost of their insurance coverage has released the results of a new survey concerning the auto insurance myths that consumers believe are true. The survey was meant to uncover the factors that drivers believes influence the price of their insurance coverage. Many drivers believe that myths, such as owners of red vehicles are charged more for coverage, are true, which may have an impact on how they shop for coverage as well as the vehicles that they…

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Gas prices may affect the cost of auto insurance

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Auto insurance premiums spike as gas prices fall Falling gas prices may be having an impact on the cost of auto insurance coverage in the United States. Earlier this year, analysts suggested that as much as $75 billion will be cut from the cost of gas by the end of this year. Drivers would be saving a total of $1 billion in fueling costs over the Labor Day weekend alone, largely due to the fact that fuel is getting less expensive. The average price of as is currently $1 per…

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Drivers may be able to save money on auto insurance coverage

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Drivers could be missing out on opportunities to save money on their coverage Drivers in the United States may be missing out on auto insurance savings, according to a new study from The study shows that the average driver has not changes their auto insurance provider for 12 years, with more than a third of drivers never shopping for new insurance policies that may be less expensive. By seeking out new providers, drivers may be able to find better coverage at lower premiums. Loyalty may not be the best…

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Loyalty may mean consumers are paying more for auto insurance coverage

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Consumers could find less expensive coverage if they switch carriers Loyalty may be costing drivers in terms of auto insurance premiums. Many consumers opt to stay with their insurance provider because they are provided with certain benefits, such as credit toward insurance payments or discounts on other services. This loyalty may not be as beneficial to consumers as they believe, however, and they could find less expensive auto insurance coverage by switching to another insurer, and this may be a greater benefit than the loyalty rewards they are receiving from…

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Credit has a big impact on auto insurance premiums

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Report highlights the effect that credit data has on insurance prices Credit score has a lot to do with auto insurance rates, according to a recent report from WalletHub, a personal finance organization. The report focused on how a driver’s credit score affects their insurance rates in the United States. All states but California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts were examined for the report. In these states, using a driver’s credit history to price auto insurance coverage is illegal, so such information does not contribute to higher premiums. Those with no credit…

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Google is making a move into the auto insurance sector

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Driverless cars could have a major impact on the auto insurance market Self-driving cars are coming and that may change Google’s position in the auto insurance space. Recently, Google launched its insurance rate comparison service in the U.S. Called Google Compare, this service has been operating in the United Kingdom for some time, representing quotes from 124 insurers in the country. The UK government has already approved the testing of driverless vehicles on public roads, but U.S. regulations are still somewhat restrictive. These vehicles could have a significant impact on…

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