Veterans health insurance may be dropped by 600,000 in 2017

veterans health insurance

More than half a million vets could find themselves without coverage, say researchers. New research from the (left-leaning) Urban Institute has said 600,000 veterans health insurance policies may cease next year. The reason, said the report, is that in 19 states, Medicaid is not expanding enough to cover the vets. Even with the Medicaid expansion that has already occurred, there continue to be hundreds of thousands of uninsured. The Urban Institute has cautioned that unless the 19 states that have continued to withhold the expansion broaden their programs, there will…

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Health insurance for children is at risk in the US

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

Children could be losing their insurance coverage in the coming year Health insurance for children in the United States may be at risk. Congress has chosen not to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and a the King v. Burwell case concerning health insurance subsidies is currently being heard by the Supreme Court. These issues could lead to a significant number of children, as well as their families, losing coverage in the relatively near future. The loss of insurance coverage could place some children at risk, especially if they…

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Health insurance premiums see modest rise in Georgia

Georgia Health Insurance exchange

State’s insurance rates remain steady despite fears of major increases The cost of coverage from Georgia’s health insurance exchange have remained steady, according to a study from the Urban Institute. Many had feared that premiums for policies sold through the state’s exchange would increase at a rapid pace, but this has not been the case. The exchange sells plans in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum categories, with each tier offering their own level of coverage benefits, with Platinum being considered the most comprehensive. Silver tier plans are, by far, the…

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Health insurance subsidies could vanish for many people in the US

health insurance costs subsidies

Supreme Court ruling could put an end to insurance subsidies for those living in states with exchanges managed by the federal government The Urban Institute has released an analysis concerning those that will be most affected by a Supreme Court ruling regarding subsidies provided under the Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on a matter regarding whether or not those in states that do not run their own health insurance exchange can receive subsidies. In the case of King v. Burwell, the availability of these subsidies…

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Federal law may not be a detriment to employer-sponsored health insurance

Employees Health Insurance Plan

Analysis from Urban Institute sheds some light on concerns regarding Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act may not be threatening employer-sponsored health insurance coverage, according to analysis from the Urban Institute. There had been concerns that the federal law would make it impossible for some employers to provide insurance coverage to their workers, while other companies would be forced to pay more money for offering this coverage. As such, employers would be disinclined to offer sponsored coverage to their employees, unless forced to do so by federal law. No…

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Health care reform could be keeping insurance rates steady

Health care Reform News

Rate hikes for coverage in the US may be less serious than previously thought Consumers throughout the U.S. have been experiencing rate hikes for their health insurance coverage over the past few years. Rates have been growing at a rapid pace, placing many people under significant financial pressure. The Affordable Care Act is meant to resolve this issue by helping slow down the frequency at which insurance premiums increase, and the health care law may actually be succeeding in this endeavor. Early rate filings coming from many large insurance companies…

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Study shows that states could see major benefits from establishing health insurance exchanges

A new study from the Urban Institute, an organization that investigates social and economic problems in the U.S., suggests that Oklahoma, as well as 14 other states, could see major benefits from establishing a health insurance exchange. The study shows that, at this point, Oklahoma has done the least to make progress on the project, apart from states that have refused the law completely. A health insurance exchange would have a significant economic impact for the state and its peoples, according to the Urban Institute. Over the past year, three…

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