Consumers may require guidance when it comes to health insurance exchanges

America's health insurance plan

Confusion remains a prevalent problem when it comes to health insurance exchanges The University of Iowa’s Public Policy Center and College of Health have released the results of survey concerning the state’s health insurance exchange. The state’s exchange has become quite popular among consumers looking to find affordable health insurance policies, but the exchange’s website has fallen victim to numerous technical problems that have prevented many from finding the coverage they are interested in. According to the survey, technical problems are only one issue that consumers are facing. Survey shows…

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Multi-state regulations are driving up the price of insurance coverage, according to research

Commercial insurance rates

Research suggests that regulations may be causing insurance rate hikes Multi-state regulations are common throughout the insurance industry. Insurance companies are forced to comply with these regulations no matter where they may be in the U.S. Regulators often impose these directives as a way to ensure that companies are not taking advantage of consumers by exploiting regulatory gaps. These expansive regulations are a double-edged sword, however, as they require a significant and ongoing financial investment from each state that adopts them. Research from the University of Iowa suggests that these…

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