New health insurance company expanding into New Jersey

new jersey health insurance

Oscar Health Insurance will offer coverage through the state’s insurance exchange for the next open enrollment period New Jersey residents that will be shopping for health insurance through the state’s exchange will have more options beginning on November 15 this year. Oscar Health Insurance, a startup that was launched last year in New York, has announced that it is expanding to New Jersey. The insurer covers some 16,000 people in New York and has won praise from its customers. The insurer will be participating in New Jersey’s insurance exchange when…

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Connecticut regulators deny rate proposals from two health insurance companies

Connecticut health Insurance

Regulators deny insurers the ability to raise rates on 2015 policies The Connecticut Insurance Department has denied rate increase proposals from two insurance companies that had sought approval to raise premiums by at least 12% in 2015. One of the companies seeking an increase in premiums was Anthem Blue Cross, which had wanted approval to increase its rates by an average of 12.5%. State regulators have deemed this request “excessive” and denied the proposal, requiring the insurer to submit a new rate proposal for policies it plans to sell in…

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Insurers are flocking to Illinois health insurance exchange

Illinois Health Insurance Exchange

Eight companies seek to sell their policies on the state exchange Eight insurance companies are looking for approval to sell plans in the Illinois health insurance exchange. State officials note that there has been a surge in interest in the exchange coming from insurance companies. The exchange represents a competitive marketplace that is on its way to becoming one of the primary ways people find and purchase the coverage that they want. The new insurers looking to participate in the state’s exchange could bring some 504 new insurance plans to…

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Health insurance companies partner to examine medical costs

health Insurance company jobs

Rising medical costs encourage companies to come together to shed light on the issue Three of the largest health insurance organizations in the United States have agreed to come together for the sake of a new research initiative that is meant to help develop a digital tool that could shed some light on the costs of medical care. These costs have become a major issue for many people and businesses throughout the U.S. and are somewhat shrouded in mystery. It is no secret that medical costs have been on the…

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Health insurance competition low in South Carolina

South Carolina Health Insurance

South Carolina health insurance market lacks competition A new report from the American Medical Association suggests that South Carolina may have one of the least competitive health insurance marketplaces in the U.S. The state falls behind Alabama, Hawaii, Michigan, Delaware, and Alaska in terms of a lack of competition in its insurance market. Despite the existence of the state’s health insurance exchange, competition among insurers remains low, limiting the options that state residents have regarding the coverage they have access to. Blue Cross Blue Shield boasts of majority of the…

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