US health insurance industry is doing well, according to report

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Report from Commonwealth Fund shows that the health insurance industry is faring well A new report from the Commonwealth Fund shows that the health insurance industry is doing quite well. There have been concerns that the insurance industry in the United States may suffer as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The legislation was signed into law in 2010 and some insurers had expressed worry over some of the provisions of the federal law. These concerns had to do with how the law would affect the way they do…

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US health insurance sector could be in for a shift

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Mid-term elections see Republican Party take majority of political power in the country Mid-term elections in the United States have come and passed and now the Republican Party is in control of Congress. This could have major implications for the health insurance sector, as many Republicans have been opposed to the Affordable Care Act and its various provisions. With control of Congress, Republican lawmakers may be able to introduce yet more reform to the health care system, and some may push to have certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act…

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Health insurance exchanges could gain support from private providers

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Problems with health insurance exchanges persist The problematic launch of health insurance exchanges throughout the U.S. has led to harsh criticism against the federal government. Open enrollment for these exchanges began on October 1 of this year and most exchanges were flooded by people looking for information concerning health insurance and the options they had become available to them. The problem, however, was hat most exchanges were not prepared to handle the traffic coming their way, and technical difficulties led to frustration among consumers. Federal government continues to work to…

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Health insurance exchanges make progress throughout US

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Health insurance exchanges are showing signs of life Health insurance exchanges are taking form throughout the U.S., per the Affordable Care Act. These exchanges are meant to act as a marketplace where consumers can find affordable health insurance coverage. Some of these exchanges will be built and managed by the states they call home, while others will be the responsibility of the federal government. Throughout the country, health insurance exchanges are set to begin open enrollment in October of this year before the policies they offer become active on January…

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States seek alternative to Medicaid health insurance expansion

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Lawmakers continue to wrangle with health insurance requirements The Affordable Care Act will become fully enacted next year, leaving states throughout the U.S. relatively little time to comply with the federal law’s numerous provisions. One of these provisions, in particular, has been somewhat controversial in several states. That is the mandatory expansion of Medicaid. While the Medicaid program is, technically, overseen by the federal government, each state has its own division of the program which they are required to govern. Per the Affordable Care Act, all states must expand their…

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