Homeowners insurance premiums in UK continue to fall

UK Insurance regulations

At the same time flooding coverage is maintaining its threat of overwhelming expense. At the beginning of 2012, the premiums for homeowners insurance across the United Kingdom started to fall, and that trend has continued throughout the last three months, says the latest data released by AA. The most recent figures have indicated that the coverage is rapidly becoming cheaper to buy. In fact, the homeowners insurance data released from the period ranging from July through September has shown that the premiums for the coverage fell by almost six percent…

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Homeowners insurance premiums expected to skyrocket in some U.K. regions

Homeowners Insurance news

The price of coverage is expected to soar in areas where floods are known to occur. Properties that are located in areas that are at risk of flooding in Scotland could soon be facing a considerable increase in the cost of their homeowners insurance now that a deal that had been in place to guarantee affordable protection is nearing its expiration date. Homes impacted by the winter floods, recently, or that are located in areas of increased risk are being cautioned. The next time that homeowners insurance policies are renewed…

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Homeowners insurance is greatly misunderstood by many UK policyholders

Homeowners Insurance and Storm Damage

These customers face high risks as the harsh winter weather approaches. Now that the potentially damaging winter weather is getting closer, the risk associated with letting homeowners insurance go unpaid has increased significantly, but this hasn’t stopped many United Kingdom customers from doing so. A recent study has shown that sixty percent of policyholders do not understand their storm coverage. This research was conducted by Onepoll in September 2012 and involved the participation of 2000 U.K. homeowners insurance customers. What was determined was that these policyholders had a large number…

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Many U.K. homeowners may not be able to obtain flood insurance by 2014

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has made an announcement that indicates that approximately 200,000 homes throughout the United Kingdom that are at a high risk of flooding might not be able to obtain flood insurance coverage beyond 2014. This announcement came close on the heels of widespread predictions that the government may not be able to come up with the necessary funds for building the required flood-control infrastructure, despite the fact that climate change is causing water and sea levels to continually rise. Some have suggested that many homeowners…

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