Free Pokemon Go insurance available from Sberbank

pokemon go insurance

The largest bank in Russia is now offering free coverage for people who experience an injury from playing. Sberbank, Russia’s biggest bank, is now offering free Pokemon Go insurance to its customers. The insurance policy will protect policyholders for claims up to 50,000 rubles (approximately $800) in the event of injury during play. Pokemon Go injuries are becoming increasingly common as people move about while distracted. As silly as this offering may sound, the large number of reported injuries shows it could have a purpose. The Pokemon Go insurance provides…

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Bitcoin insurance now available to businesses

Bitcoin insurance industry news

Up to $5 billion in coverage is now being offered by a provider to protect companies. Companies that have been hoping to be able to open up to new types of currency and payments opportunities but who would also like to minimize the risk connected with doing so will now be able to obtain Bitcoin insurance from another provider, as Great American Insurance Group has announced that it is offering this type of protection. This virtual currency has been creating quite a stir but is maintaining its growth in adoption.…

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Space travel insurance policy available from Allianz in 2012

In an effort to be the first in the industry to take advantage of the upcoming wave of “ordinary astronauts” who will be taking the first commercial trips into space next year, the German insurance giant, Allianz, has announced that in 2012 it will begin selling space travel insurance policies. The sale of these policies will align with the launch of the spaceflight company called Virgin Galactic, owned by Virgin Group’s Richard Branson. There have already been approximately 450 people who have made seat reservations with Virgin Galactic for its…

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Australia gives Obama the unique gift of crocodile attack insurance

President Obama’s visit to Australia’s Northern Territory involved the receipt of a unique gift, as the American head of state was given an insurance policy against an attack by a crocodile. The Northern Territory’s chief minister, Paul Henderson, announced that the American president would receive a government insurance policy that would pay up to $50,000 (AUD) should he be the victim of a crocodile attack. Henderson stated that the president would be receiving total coverage against the unlikely event that there should be a crocodile attack during his stay in…

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As one door closes, another opens: NASA seeks insurance coverage for commercial space faring initiatives

 As NASA’s space shuttle program comes to an end, many insurance companies are eyeing the birth of a new commercial industry: Space tourism. Insurers have covered the space program since its inception, but now that NASA will no longer be launching expeditions into space as part of a federal project, the agency is looking to turn the program into a freelance affair. This shift toward a commercial market has got many insurers intrigued as a new opportunity for business emerges from the horizon. This week, NASA’s last official shuttle will…

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