What happens if I don’t have motorcycle insurance?

motorcycle insurance

The day you pass your motorcycle test is probably going to be one of the best days of your life. You’ll suddenly have the freedom to pick your favorite KTM motorcycles from the local dealer and hit the road. Your license may limit the size of the bike you can ride but it won’t limit how far you can ride, or how much fun you can have! However, it’s not as simple as just hopping onto a bike and riding off into the sunset. You need to get the right…

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Health insurance status plays a direct role in cancer patient survival

cancer health insurance status

New research has shown that patients who have coverage are more likely to obtain successful treatment. Two recent studies have underscored the importance of health insurance status. Cancer patients who have private coverage appear to have a notable survival advantage. These studies showed that people with private insurance coverage obtain an earlier diagnosis and live longer than people whose coverage is through Medicaid or people who are completely uninsured. The first study involved an analysis of the data from over 13,600 adult patients with and without insurance. These patients all…

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Does health insurance reduce state death rates?

Health Insurance Expense

A recent study has indicated that as people gain coverage, their risk of dying prematurely drops. The results of a study in Massachusetts have now been released which indicate that the more people gained health insurance in that state, the mortality rate also lowered at a similar pace. This study looked into the difference in death rate over a period of four years in the state. It examined the difference that was made as of the start of the universal health care coverage law in 2006, which required the residents…

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Small businesses could face financial hardship because of the Affordable Care Act

Business Insurance

January 1, 2014 is when the majority of the regulations that make up the Obama administration’s landmark health care reform bill known as the Affordable Care Act go into effect. President Obama enacted the ACA as a way to insure that all Americans would receive health care coverage that’s both affordable and comprehensive. In addition to putting health insurance within the grasp of many Americans, the new regulations bar insurance companies from denying coverage to anyone seeking it, or charging more because of age, gender, or medical history. Without a…

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Obama signs relief bill for hurricane Sandy but that’s just the start

US Congress Hurricane Sandy Relief Plan

Hurricane Sandy Aid – congress to vote on more funds The $9.7 billion flood relief bill for insurance claims was signed into law by Pres. Obama while House waits to vote on a larger Sandy relief deal worth up to $51 billion. Pressure from FEMA The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had pushed for Sandy relief, stating that without addition funding they money to help will quickly run out. The White House reports that over 100,000 claims could not be paid out without more funding from Congress. John Boehner, Speaker…

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Insurance news from Hurricane Sandy reveals many struggling with lack of coverage

Homeowners flood Insurance

Uninsured homeowners, renters, auto and business owners are facing massive losses. Though Hurricane Sandy left devastation along the eastern coast of the United States, those who are making insurance news with the most acute financial struggles are the people who did not have coverage for what was lost. Those with policies may have deductibles to face and a long road of recovery ahead, but they’re the lucky ones. When the insurance news involves individuals who have a policy, it is tragic that their home was damaged or that possessions were…

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Health insurance coverage statistics released by Census Bureau

Health Insurance

Estimates for every county have been revealed. The United States Census Bureau has released the data from 2010, which provides estimates regarding the health insurance coverage within all of the 3,140 counties across the country. The Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) are the leading source of this information. In fact, these estimates are frequently considered to be the only ones that can provide any solid information about the health insurance coverage in these areas for a given single year. It is the only collection of data that represents the…

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