Auto insurance no fault regulation in Michigan could change

michigan auto insurance

Many people in the state are pushing to have this required element of the policy removed due to cost. The Insurance Institute of Michigan, insurers, other people in the industry, and the residents of the state are now recognizing that the auto insurance in the state requires some changes in order to keep its rapidly rising costs under control. The no-fault portion of the required coverage in the state is leading the cost of car ownership skyward. Now many are starting to feel that this auto insurance system is ready…

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Alabama takes a stern step in regards to auto insurance

Alabama auto insurance

New auto insurance law going active in Alabama Alabama lawmakers consider uninsured vehicles to be a significant problem for  the state and have begun to take action. State lawmakers have passed a new law concerning auto insurance and those without coverage. Beginning January 1, 2013, uninsured drivers will be facing stricter penalties for lack of auto insurance coverage. The new law introduces several methods of detection that are expected to root out those without adequate auto insurance coverage and may encourage these people to purchase the coverage they need to…

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New auto insurance law in Oklahoma set to impact the insurance industry

A new law regarding auto insurance is set to take effect November 1 in Oklahoma. Farmers Insurance, the state’s largest auto insurance company, has taken this opportunity to remind drivers of the law and how it will affect them. The law – Senate Bill 272 – will introduce new requirements for auto insurance and stricter penalties for drivers without insurance or those underinsured. Farmers notes that the law will likely benefit consumers as a whole, but may make changes to existing policies. The law will reduce the amount of money…

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