Unemployment insurance program amps up fraud detection

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The program will now be receiving assistance in being able to spot “suspicious patterns” among those claiming benefits. The struggling unemployment insurance program in California is now working with Pondera Solutions in order to be able to detect fraud more effectively and save the program – and tax payers – money. This new partnership is meant to help to boost the technology capabilities of the program. The unemployment insurance program in California is currently operating on an old computer system that was causing thousands of legitimate claims for benefits to…

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Unemployment insurance costs in Idaho continue to grow

Unemployment Insurance

Employers face high unemployment insurance costs due to fraud Employers in Idaho are confronting higher unemployment insurance costs, which may be due to fraudulent benefits, according to the state’s Department of Labor. The agency is now looking to reclaim more than $20 million in misappropriated benefits that have been acquired through fraud. The prevalence of fraud has caused the state’s unemployment insurance costs to skyrocket, putting pressure on employers, some of whom may not be able to afford further boosts in prices. Idaho unemployment fund still under pressure Idaho’s unemployment…

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