Pet insurance premiums are spiking in the UK

Pet Insurance

Some dog and cat owners are discovering that the health coverage for their animals is rising fast. Many of the cat and dog owners in the United Kingdom are facing an unpleasant discovery when they renew their pet insurance policies, as they are discovering that the coverage is becoming much more costly. Some animal owners have experienced premium hikes of over 40 percent. At that rate of increase, the premiums are rising at approximately 15 times the rate of inflation. This is forcing many to have to make a difficult…

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Over 12 million British pets are not covered by insurance

Despite the fact that 86 percent pet owners in the United Kingdom consider their animals to be family members, 56 percent of them do not have an insurance policy to cover their veterinary expenses, according to the results of the latest research. The study involved a survey of pet owners in the country, and indicated that millions of pets do not have the coverage required to protect owners from extremely expensive vet bills that they could face if their animal family member should ever be injured or fall ill.…

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