Google may break into the US auto insurance market

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Analysts suggest that Google could launch a new insurance comparison service in the US Google may soon be offering auto insurance coverage in the United States, according to analysts with Forrester Research. Analysts predict that Google will soon launch its Google Compare service, which is designed to be an auto insurance comparison shopping platform. This platform would allow consumers to search for insurance coverage offered by numerous companies and find the policies that best suit their needs. While Google will not be offering coverage itself, it could soon become a…

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Auto insurance rates are on the rise in the UK

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Insurance rates are growing in the United Kingdom, and there may be no end in sight Auto insurance rates in the United Kingdom has grown for the first time in two years, and they may continue to rise in the coming years. According to AA Insurance, rates throughout the country are on the rise due to numerous factors. Changes in the national market, new trends emerging among drivers, and other factors can influence the cost of auto insurance. The losses that insurance companies see from natural disasters and other market…

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Auto insurance industry in the UK could bring comparison sites to an end

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This could cause a considerable shakeup, all stemming from a report published by a watchdog. The types of exclusive auto insurance deals that have been established between insurers in the United Kingdom and price comparison websites could soon be eliminated following the ruling of a competition regulator within that country that decided that these deals were not helping drivers and should, therefore, be prohibited. The decision of the regulator was one among several measures recommended made by a watchdog report. The Competition and Markets Authority produced an auto insurance report,…

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Auto insurance fraud is causing trouble in the UK

auto insurance fraud

New report shows the prevalence of insurance fraud throughout the United Kingdom The Association of British Insurers has released a report concerning auto insurance fraud in the United Kingdom. According to the organization, some 500 people lie on their insurance applications forms every day. The report shows that in 2013, 3,500 fraudulent applications were filed with insurance companies every week. These applications contained information that was inaccurate, if not outright incorrect. Applicants often left out important information that would determine the cost of their insurance coverage. Fraudulent insurance applications are…

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Telematics begins to have a major impact on auto insurance sector

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Reed prepares to close deal on Wunelli Reed Elsevier, a leading information technology company, is preparing to finalize the acquisition of Wunelli, a developer of telematics solutions for the auto insurance sector. Telematics is becoming very popular in the insurance industry because of how it can be used by insurers to price policies more accurately. Demand for this technology has been growing steadily over the past few years and has reached an all-time high as insurance companies continue to look for ways to mitigate losses while also providing high-quality services…

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Auto insurance prices in U.K. continue to drop

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According to the A.B.I., the average amount paid to cover a vehicle is still on its way downward. The cost associated with purchasing and owning auto insurance in the United Kingdom has dropped another 9 percent over the last year as a growing number of consumers are using the resources available to them over the internet to be able to comparison shop and find better rates. This, according to a survey which also credits fewer claims into the dropping premiums. The data was provided by the Association of British Insurers…

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Auto insurance scam popping up throughout UK

auto insurance flash and crash fraud

Drivers are being cautioned about a new kind of fraud called “Flash and Crash” by the industry. Auto insurance industry officials in the United Kingdom are cautioning motorists regarding a new type of scam that has developed and that is becoming more widespread in the country, called “flash and crash”. The scam involves tricking drivers into thinking that a good Samaritan is helping them out. The way that the auto insurance scam functions is that the fraudsters wait for victims to start to drive out of parking lots, gas stations,…

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